Production: What we do at Rainier!

This is where the magic happens!

Again, what you do with great ingredients and materials matters. At Rainier Woodworking, we are engineering centric. Our manufacturing processes rely heavily on best-in-class CAD systems, CNC tooling, advanced joinery and an approach to finish that is unrivaled in the Puget Sound. Simply put, we are at the absolute pinnacle in wood finish technology, expertise and focus. We believe that finish makes all the different--a difference you can touch, feel and see for the life of the cabinetry.

If you have read this far, you have no doubt have concluded that we are wood geeks. This is a mantle we accept proudly. The academic approach we take to building cabinets is referred to as nested based manufacturing. Essentially, a complex mathematical computer algorithm is run to optimize the way parts are machined to achieve the perfect balance of material yields and process times. This means that we don't cut all sides together and then all bottoms together as in done in a more typical environment relying on a beam saw. Post WWII, Gustov Weeke, a German engineer, developed the 32mm method with which we build cabinetry . In an environment where materials are valuable, this approach relies on tight tolerances and sound engineering practices to maximize both yields and efficiency. Ours' is a modern twist on Gustov Weeke's 32mm system which relies on technology to provide the flexibility and agility our customers require. We our blind dado joinery and 3/4" case materials, our cabinets are rigid, square and built to last. Other wood geeks, like our professional contractors, appreciate the result.

Again, if you wish to learn more about European (full access), face frame or inset flush cabinetry, please request a login for access to more information or come and take a plant tour and see it all in action.