Make a payment

Rainier provides a more secure (and easier) way to pay!

Information security is everyone's concern. Since most of our customers are builders, contractors, designer, architects and dealers with whom we have deep ties and it remains common practice for one business to pay another using a paper check. Unfortunately, paper checks contain routing and account numbers that are actually highly confidential. In the hands of evil doers, they can result in significant harm and nobody at Rainier wants harm to come to our valued client partners. So, we identified the absolutely "best in class" method with the highest levels of security for receiving payments from our customers--enter RWpay. RWpay is made possible by our technology partner--Paystand--provides us a payment platform that exceeds finance industry regulations and internet security standards, including full Level-1 PCI certification.

Using RWpay, you can make payments using your existing check by entering the ACH information. You can also use the even more secure eCheck approach. No need to print, sign and mail checks any longer! RWpay also provides an ability to use all major credits cards (transaction fees will be added). Using RWpay, you can pay with convenience and confidence.

If you have any questions about your account, your invoice or RWpay, don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help